Hotel Chateau Bellevue... then and now

Hotel Chateau Bellevue has its official address at 16 rue de la Porte, in the heart of Old Quebec. The Girard family has owned it since 1986.

The hotel today is actually a group of houses at numbers 10, 12, 14 and 16 rue de la Porte. The street's name, which means gate or door in French, comes from the fact that it was once the path to the Governor General's private garden known today as Parc des Gouverneurs, which forms part of the exceptional view from many of the hotel's rooms. The architecture of these houses, unique in North America, is known as “Tudor Gothic”...or “Tudor Revival” because they're built of stone instead of brick.

Hotel Chateau Bellevue is home to great family histories

The Peters family

The first houses on the rue de la Porte, including those that make up Hotel Chateau Bellevue, were built in 1899-1900 Simon Peters' widow, a respected builder of the time.

The Scott family

According to the 1901 census, 10 rue de la Porte was occupied by the Scott family. Father and son were insurance agents, and their descendants continued to live at the address until 1964.

The Tessier family

According to archival sources, the Honourable Auguste Tessier was the owner of 16 rue de la Porte until 1938. Judge Tessier was minister of agriculture and treasurer in the Quebec government of Lomer Gouin. In 1905, he was Speaker of the Quebec National Assembly.

The Girard family (1986 to the present)

In 1986, Alain Girard, who also owns the Hotel Chateau Laurier on Grande-Allée, bought the houses at 10, 12, 14 and 16 rue de la Porte and converted them into the Hotel Chateau Bellevue we know today... complete with its own elevator!

Since 1901, a fascinating variety of residents have owned or rented the houses that are part of the Hotel Chateau Bellevue today

No. 10 rue de la Porte

  • The Arthur Scott and Goodday families
  • In 1965, the building was owned by André Sirois and became the “Manoir Laurentien”

No. 12 rue de la Porte

  • George Holman, general manager of the Canadian Electric Company
  • James J. Murphy, lumber merchant
  • Willie Hall, civil servant
  • Norman Brown, founder of the Brown Corporation
  • The Honourable John Kelly, member of the 18th parliament of the Quebec Legislative Council under the Taschereau government in the 1930s
  • Léon Wilson Campbell, gentleman, and Mlle L. Demers
  • In 1941, the building was converted into a rooming house and was named the “River View Tourist's House” and later “Castel du Parc,” prior to its purchase by the Girard family

No. 14 rue de la Porte

  • John Walker, inspector at the “Quebec Bank”
  • H. Boisvert, notary, Robert Rocher, lawyer and Special Law Officer of the Crown
  • Rosaire Gingras
  • René Couture, mechanic
  • In 1955, tavernkeeper Antoine Turgeon renamed the building “Manoir Laporte,” the name under which it was purchased by the Girard family

No. 16, rue de la Porte

  • Mme A. G. Belleau, widow, and Mlle Eugénie Carrier
  • Joseph Belleau, lawyer
  • In 1960, the house became the “Château Normandie,” and later “Manoir Bellevue,” prior to its purchase by the Girard family.
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